Total College Management System (TCMS)

Through e-Colleague, all the data required for the college management can be accessed at finger tips. Several reports can be generated in PDF & Excel format. This is very simple, yet very profile software which provides an integrated platform connecting the various departments of an institution like admin, finances, staff details and many other specialized modules.

The payroll option in e-Colleague provides you an effortless and an errorless pay slip with just a click. This helps the institution eliminate manual work and provides a 100 percent accurate pay roll system. Using e-Colleague helps to download "N" no.of reports. The total college management system has the following features:

  • Student attendance
  • Staff attendance
  • Exam marks
  • Student performance graph
  • Message inbox
  • Accounts management System
  • Payroll automation
  • Reports
  • Semester Fee reminder
  • Online exam results