Career Launcher

Student Grading System

An employer always seeks to recruit an employee, who is not only good in process oriented skills but also one who has a positive attitude. We believe that recruiting employees with positive attitudes will reduce the attrition rate and thereby enhance the output of the company.

e-Colleague has a grading system in place for each student. The grading would be based upon the student's individual innovations, exam marks and most importantly personal attitude. The above mentioned three factors would ensure that the company would recruit the right candidate with positive attitude for the right position in the company.

C.V Builder

A good attractive and presentable C.V helps catch the attention of the recruiter. We have therefore, incorporated a user friendly "C.V builder" option into e-Colleague software.

Once you get into e-Colleague, you just need to click the C.V builder option. It allows you to select the specific position, speciality, educational qualifications, key skills etc and once you key in all the required info, a high quality, attractive and presentable C.V is ready for the recruiters.

Video Resume

We have incorporated the concept of "Video Resume" into e-Colleague software. Now, using this interface solution, a job seeker can showcase their abilities beyond the limitations of a paper CV.

Why Video Resume? It provides the jobseeker a wonderful oppurtunity to present himself / herself to the recruiter. The recruiter would know how the job seeker would present himself / herself and also get a firsthand knowledge about the linguistic skills and attitude of the individual. This also helps the recruiter to understand the confidence level of the candidate.

A jobseeker can create Video Resume using the Video Resume option in the e-Colleague software; this enables the recruiters to view the Video Resume.

Submit your innovations

Many students do have innovative skills but are unable to promote the same due to various reasons. e-Colleague has made it possible for you to promote your innovative skills using an option "Submit Your Innovations".

After you upload your innovative skills using this option, we assure you that all of your efforts and skills would be surely rewarded. Submitting your innovations would give you an edge over others and you would be a better prospect for getting selected in the respective position you opted for.

Search Job

The search job option in e-Colleague software paves the way for you to find the suitable job from the 'n' no.of job postings from various MNCs and other reputed recruiters. You can search job by Specific Key Words, Job Locations, Name of the Company, Job Title, and Vacancies etc. Once you feed your search options, the result would be displayed right in front of you.

Apply For Jobs

Once you become a registered e-Colleague member, you can apply for jobs in your favourite companies using this option. You would be able to select your favorite companies and search for job openings in the desired and specific field of yours and apply for the apt job desired by you.

Add Companies to Favorite Lists

Each student would have a favourite company / companies and makes it their dream to be a part of it after they complete their studies.

e-Colleague has made it possible for a student, who is interested in a particular company, to add that company to the option "Add Companies to Favourite Lists". Once they add the particular company to this feature they would be able to know the happenings and events in their favorite companies through the news feed.

Interview Preparation Videos

As a registered member of e-Colleague, you would have the access to view 'n' no.of interview preparation videos in our software, which would be of great value.

These videos would educate and prepare candidates about self presentation, dress code, body language and every other nitty gritty facets of preparing for an interview.

Block other Companies from viewing your profile

While searching for a job, the most common concern for a job seeker is confidentiality of their personal and professional details. Now e-Colleague has incorporated the option to block / prevent a particular company / companies from viewing your profile and maintain the desired confidentiality of your profile.

Online Video Conferencing Interface

In the current scenario, the recruiter goes to various college campuses to select the prospective candidates. Video conference interview (VCI) eliminates this and also the unwarranted expenses. So, a video conference interview is considered to be very ideal. It allows the recruiter to conduct the preliminary round via VCI, if the recruiter is happy with the candidate's profile.

Once a recruiter schedules an interview with a candidate, an automated SMS notification would be sent to the candidate.

SMS from Recruiter

If a recruiter is interested in the profile of a particular candidate and has short listed it for the current job opening in the company, the candidate would receive a SMS notification from the recruiter via e-Colleague.

Inbox Text Messages from Recruiter

Through e-Colleague, the recruiters have got the option to send messages to your inbox regarding the current openings in companies and also notifications to short listed candidates.